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Tuckers Orchid Nursery


We have just experienced a week without a landline and the internet. We are also a little short staffed. Please be patient with us while we play catch up. Thank you. 14/2/18



We are a small home-based specialist orchid nursery. Our hobby has grown into a business. Between Ross and Susan, we have in excess of 60 years experience growing orchids.

We have many hundreds of orchid varieties for sale online. Our offerings are mostly aimed at the enthusiasts and collectors however we do have a good selection of flowering plants available in the 'Flowering Plants & Gift Packs' section. If you do not find what you are looking for, please email us as we have a large variety of orchids and not everything makes it onto this website.

We also love what we do, and offer a Photo Gallery sharing photos of some of our own plants - plants that have been awarded and plants used in breeding.